Turkey, the charming country is the land of Legend that stretches along five seas and contains a plethora of coastal spots providing top-notch amenities with stunning views that seem like Maldives. Alanya is one of the most beautiful Turkish Cities, renowned for its beaches and the finest in Turkey. Alanya annually draws in millions of tourists seeking to bask in Alanya beaches with its golden sands and temperate waters. The city is adorned with amazing shorelines that offer visitors opportunities for water-based and leisure activities. From serene beaches ideal for unwinding amidst natural beauty to vibrant shores perfect for water sports enthusiasts, Alanya Beaches offer a diverse coastal experience. Complementing these beaches are the city's premier dining establishments. Let us discover In this article your comprehensive guide to the top 10 of Alanya beaches.

The best beaches in Alanya

Get ready to explore a countdown of the top 10 of Alanya beaches. I'll explain each in these paragraphs, setting the stage for your beachfront journey.

Cleopatra Beach

Alanya beaches-Cleopatra Beach- Alanya

Cleopatra Beach, where the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra used to swim. The reason for the beach's name is according to the old legend, King Mark Antony presented this beach and the coast of Alanya as a wedding gift to his wife Queen Cleopatra. It is one of the famed tourist destinations in Alanya, and the most popular of Alanya beaches. It is located within the captivating area of Alanya and administratively belongs to Antalya Province, about 130 kilometers to the east. Situated just 3 kilometers from Alanya's city center, this beach spans 2 kilometers and is close to the magical Damlataş Caves, that were serendipitously discovered by miners in 1948.

Offering an ideal setting for relaxation, Cleopatra Beach also provides adventurous activities, alongside numerous dining and beverage options. However, swimmers should exercise caution due to the high and sudden waves in the sea.

There are various resorts, apartments, and hotels along Cleopatra Beach. Those facilities offer several services to maximize your happiness and spend a delightful time on the wonderful Kleopatra Beach, the best one of Alanya beaches.

Here are some of the hotels on Cleopatra Beach:

- Kleopatra İkiz Hotel

- Cleopatra Ada Apart

- Kleopatra Dreams Beach Hotel

- Kleopatra Alis Hotel

- Belle Ocean Apart Hotel

- Cleopatra Golden Beach Hotel

- Alaaddin Beach Hotel

Restaurants near Kleopatra Beach:

- Green Beach Restaurant

- Bistro Bahamas

- Cafe Local

- Gratzi Restaurant

- Kleopatra Blue Hawai Restaurant

Damlatas Beach

Alanya beaches- Damlatas Beach-Alanya

The Damlataş beach, one of the Alanya beaches, and the east part of Cleopatra Beach. It is called  Damlataş like the Damlataş Cave.

This is one of the most crowded beaches because of its golden sand, clean water, the Pine trees view, and the castle on the hill, what could make a delightful impression?

The Damlataş beach is the only beach wheelchair-friendly of all Alanya beaches. It has all the facilities for disabled people such as wheelchair sunbeds and showers to enable them to share with us the happiness of sunbathing, and enjoying the stunning beach.

The Damlataş beach is the perfect place for diving lovers and there are daily diving boat tours in the district to interest the snorkeling and swimming along the peninsula's rocky coast close to the caves. What is more exciting than snorkeling beside the rocks that rise in the sea?

In this place you can enjoy the beach for free, just put on your towel and lie on the sandy beach. There is a public shower on the beach also. Besides that, there are a lot of restaurants, bars, and open-air fitness. There are also playgrounds for Tennis, Volleyball, and Basketball. You can enjoy your day with several activities, have drinks and cocktails in front of the sea, sunbathe on the sunbeds, and delight in the DG nights.

You can book a Sunset Boat Tour admiring your soul by the breathtaking views.


Keykubat  Beach

Alanya beaches-Keykubat beach-Alanya

It is the eastern seaside of Alanya beaches. Streching along Old Alanya Harbor tell Oba Beach. Distinguished by its proximity to the center of Alanya, Keykubat Beach boasts crystal-clear waters and stunning crystalline sand, those factors contributed to its recognition with the prestigious Blue Flag international certification. Positioned near the heart of the tourist city of Alanya, directly east of the Peninsula, this beach stands out for its pristine waters, silky sand, walking paths, fitness centers(open-air), children's playgrounds, and lush green gardens surrounding it. Keykubat Beach is among the most captivating and favored beaches in Alanya, attracting tourists seeking the ultimate tourism experience. Moreover, access to Keykubat Beach is free for all visitors.

The seawater is about human body depth after many steps through the water on this beach, and there are food and drink stands so you can rent a sunbed, and an umbrella, and have water activities. And if you want to spend your time there for free you can bring your food, drinks, and a rug.

If you are lucky you will see the Turtles that come annually to lay their eggs on the beach.

Portakal  Beach

Alanya beaches-Portakal beach-Alanya

Near the center of the tourist city of Alanya lies Portakal Plajı (Orange Beach), stretching for about one kilometer. It is distinguished by being the estuary of two of Alanya's best and most famous rivers: the Dim River (Turkish: Dim Çayı) and the Dobra River (Turkish: Dobra Çayı). Portakal Plajı is located between the mouths of these two rivers and is notable for holding the Blue Flag award, granted to beaches known for their cleanliness and excellent services. This beach is part of  Keykubat Beach with 1km long. Its proximity to the towering Taurus Mountains adds to its beauty and allure, offering the opportunity for paragliding activities from the slopes of the Taurus Mountains behind the beach.

In addition to the usual marine activities, this beach is an ideal location for various water sports and exciting activities, from relaxation and swimming to diving, fishing, walking, biking paths, and windsurfing. It is one of Turkey's most beautiful beaches Orange Beach in Alanya.

Avsallar Beach 

Alanya beaches- Avsallar Beach-Alanya

Located in the area of ​​Avsallar in Alanya, Avsallar Beach extends for about 10 kilometers. It is one of the most beautiful coastlines in Alanya, where the pine tree forests' vibrant green blends with the sea's deep blue and soft golden sands in a picturesque scene. Visitors can also enjoy diving and swimming in the beautiful sea waters until late at night. The beach also provides excellent amenities for family outings, with barbecue spots and wooden benches under the shade of trees in the Angi Kom Park overlooking the beach. Additionally, the beach offers camping areas, with restaurants and cafes along the coast. You can enjoy camping and swimming at the clean beach and spend a vacation full of adventures. You can also have adventure activities at Avsallar Beach such as scuba diving, pedalos, parasailing, flyboarding, and banana-boats.

Mahmutlar Beach

Alanya beaches-Mahatular beach-Alanya

Located in the peaceful area of Mahmutlar in Alanya, Mahmutlar Beach is renowned for its tranquility and serenity. With its soft sands and crystal-clear waters stretching over 5 kilometers, it is the perfect place for relaxation even during the high season. Visitors can enjoy the stunning natural scenery, especially during sunset, while indulging in various water activities on the soft sandy beach. The town of Mahmutlar is described as one of the quietest in Alanya, providing a serene environment for those seeking peace. With its picturesque views and calm atmosphere, Mahmutlar Beach offers a unique experience for tourists looking to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.

İncekum Beach

Alanya beaches-Incekum Beach-Alanya

Located approximately 25 kilometers from the beautiful center of Alanya, İncekum Beach extends for about 1 kilometer. Its name, which means "fine sand" in Arabic, perfectly describes its natural beauty. The beach is characterized by the presence of green pine trees, combining the blue and green colors, representing the enchanting Mediterranean Sea and the lush nature surrounding the area. İncekum Beach provides ample amenities for relaxation, including beach chairs, umbrellas, and designated areas for leisure. Additionally, there are several cafes and restaurants nearby. Camping enthusiasts can also enjoy the beach, and camping spots are available near the forest and green hills.

You can reserve the accommodation at Miarosa İncekum Beach Hotel or Oz Hotels Incekum Beach Resort. These escorts are 5-star rated with all the services you need and near the İncekum Beach.

Ulaş Beach

Alanya beaches-Ulas Beach-Alanya

Ulaş Beach, located approximately 5 to 8 kilometers away from the center of Alanya, is surrounded by trees, plants, and colorful flowers, creating a serene atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle. Access to the beach is via a wooden staircase, providing a natural isolation from crowds and noise. This secluded setting is favored by those seeking tranquility and relaxation, making it ideal for family outings. Ulaş Beach offers opportunities for boating, swimming, and various water activities, as well as fishing. With its unique rocky terrain adorned by beautiful stone structures, it provides a picturesque backdrop for leisurely boat tours along the coast.


Frequently Asked Questions about Alanya Beaches

What is the best beach in Alanya?

Alanya boasts many beautiful beaches, all of which feature various recreational facilities, besides the stunning natural landscapes. So this question's answer depends on your preferences. If you like the vibrant beach Kleopatra Beach is your best beach. But if you prefer a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, it is better to go to Mahmutlar Beach, and so on. 

Is swimming safely in Alanya?

Swimming in Alanya is very safe as it boasts clean waters, but swimming after sunset is strictly prohibited. Be careful if you are not a good swimmer bring the safety equipment, wear your swimsuit, and don’t go in the sea stay near the beach to keep yourself safe.

Are Alanya beaches expensive?

Turkey in general is one of the cheapest tourist destinations, for that, Alanya is not an expensive district to have a wonderful holiday with high-quality services, especially for early reservations. Compared with other tourist locations Alanya has both stunning places and luxury facilities at a logical price.

Are there sharks in Alanya, Turkey?

Yes, there are many of them, but you won't see them because they prefer swimming in open waters.

Are Alanya beaches a good choice for your family?

Alanya beaches are varied and all-inclusive. There is a place for everyone to suit their, so you can read our article and choose your best Alanya beach to make it your next trip choice in Alanya.

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After exploring the best beaches in Alanya, we hope that this tour has added a dose of excitement and charm that this wonderful city offers. Don't forget to collect precious memories and share them with your loved ones. Embark on your next journey and enjoy the adventures awaiting you in the enchanting world of Alanya's beaches.