Trabzon is the city for those who like incredible enjoyment and for those seeking a blend of stunning natural beauty, rich history, and unparalleled recreational activities. If you are planning for your next trip, we will explore the top tourist destinations to visit. We will help you to make Trabzon your next tourist destination.


Where is the city of Trabzon located?

Trabzon is the capital of Trabzon Province and one of the major cities in the Turkish Black Sea region. Trabzon was known historically in English as Trebizond The city is located on the northern coast of Turkey's Black Sea, bordered by the Black Sea mountain range to the north and northeast. Trabzon is considered a trade gateway to Persia in the southeast and the Caucasus to the northeast. prominent tourist attraction in Turkey due to its stunning natural beauty and its ancient civilization.


Tourism in Trabzon, what are the tourist activities that can be done?

Activities in Trabzon vary, You can spend a happy holiday combining visits to rich natural tourist spots or places that reflect the city's ancient history. Here are the activities you can do in Trabzon.


Historical places in Trabzon

Trabzon City dates back to prehistoric times, but it flourished in the 14th century. Many civilizations, such as the Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations, have influenced the city over the years. These civilizations have left behind many magnificent archaeological landmarks in the city, such as

  • Hagia Sophia: It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Trabzon, attracting thousands of tourists annually. It was an amazing Byzantine Church, but now, it is a mosque named’’ Hagia Sophia Mosque’’. 

  • ‪Atatürk Kosku‬: It is a palace where Attaturk lived. This palace was built around 1900. Now it is like a Museum open daily from 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM.

  • Trabzon Museum: It is Turkish named Kostaki Mansion, which is located in a village called Zeytinlik in the north of Trabzon.

  • ‪Fatih Mosque: The mosque's construction dates back to the fifteenth century AD. It was known as the Panagia Khrysokephalos Church. Now, It is one of the most prominent religious and cultural landmarks in Trabzon, distinguished by its magnificent architectural design.

  • ‪Sumela Monastery‬ is a Greek monastery, that was created around ‘386 AD’ and has been destroyed many times. It is one of the most historical tourist destinations now with its breathtaking view of a high mountain cliff.

  • Trabzon Castle: An integral part of Trabzon's history, you can see this ruins but you can not visit it because it is located in a military area.

  • ‪Santa Anne Church: The church of Santa Anne is the oldest in Trabzon with Byzantine-style architecture.

  • ‪Gülbahar Hatun Tomb: located inside the ‪Gülbahar Hatun Mosque in Trabzon. It is a historical mausoleum containing the tomb of Sultan Süleyman's wife who is also the mother of the Bayized Sultan and  Sultan Selim and the grandmother of the Sultan Sulaiman the Magnificent.

  • ‪Sumela Monastery‬: Built on a high rocky cliff.  Located at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level, housing a collection of churches dating back to the Byzantine era. It is not for those who have weak hearts or people who have a fear of heights.

  • ‪Yeni Cuma Camii‬: It means New Friday Mosque.  One of the prominent mosques in Trabzon. It is distinguished by its splendid interior design in the Byzantine style because it was the church of Hagios Eugenios. After Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror took over the city, it was converted into a Mosque.



Visiting natural sites in Trabzon

 Besides its historical side, Trabzon encompasses many places favored by nature lovers and those seeking tranquility. Trabzon is distinguished by its incredibly stunning nature, which instills a sense of relaxation and clarity of mind in tourists, The most prominent of these places is:


  • Uzungöl Lake: One of the stunning natural destinations in Trabzon, the lake lies in the valley, where high mountains and green forests surround it, drawing a gorgeous picture with nature colors attracting tourists who love nature and tranquility.

  • Lake of Sera Gölü: One of the prominent natural areas in Trabzon, Lake Sera is open daily 24 hours. It is considered a famous tourist destination for leisure, relaxation, and outdoor activities such as boating, mountain biking, and long-distance walking. You need almost 2 hours for this tour.

  • Çal Cave: One of the most beautiful caves in Turkey you might see! It is the second-longest cave in the world. Where you can witness natural wonders inside the cave. It takes about an hour for a boat tour through this cave with a low entrance fee of about 10 Turkish lyra.

  • Heydar Nabi Plateau: A unique experience where you find yourself at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the clouds. Heydar Nabi Resort is the most famous country resort on that plateau. Therefore, you can do many kinds of activities such as Fishing, Swimming,  Safari Tours, Barbeques, and Camping. You can spend more than 4 hours there full of enjoyment.

  • Sultan Murad Heights: One of the most beautiful mountain plateaus in Trabzon which you can visit whatever the weather is. If you have a skiing passion your suitable time to visit this location is in winter. And if you travel there in summer you will interested in the beauty of nature.

  • Çaykara District: Çaykara is an area that lies in a V-shaped valley. Nowadays it become an attraction destination for thousands of tourists during the summertime. 

Visiting museums in Trabzon

The rich history of Trabzon is reflected in its cultural diversity, which can be observed throughout the city and also through its numerous museums. The prominent museums in Trabzon include:

  • Trabzon Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography

  • Hagia Sophia Museum

  • Trabzon Museum of Fine Arts

  • Zindan Museum


The most important tourist activities in Trabzon.

A visit to Trabzon is incomplete without experiencing the following activities, to add excitement and make it unforgettable. Among these activities are:


  • Children's amusement parks, Forum Trabzon Mall: It offers plenty of activities for young children as well as adults, with ice skating rinks or bowling alleys available for enjoyment.

  • Rafting in Rize is a sport for kayaking.

  • A go-kart tour: One of the activities that gets your adrenaline pumping is the opportunity to enjoy a 20-minute driving experience on a race track.

  • Safari tour: Through jeep tours, you can explore nature more in Trabzon, accompanied by a tour guide who helps you get to know the nature and mountains of Trabzon more closely.

  • Shooting with real firearms at Polygon Club: At Polygon Club, you will have the opportunity to engage in live shooting at various targets, offering an enjoyable experience for shooting and targeting enthusiasts.

  • A tourist trip in Trabzon on a private yacht from the yacht marina for exploration: From trips that are either group-based, costing approximately $15, or you can rent a private yacht for up to $70.

  • Paragliding.

  • Uzungol swing.


Cuisine in Trabzon Pamper Yourself with Unforgettable Experience 


You will have unique meals with a rich flavor if you try the most popular breakfast dish named ''mihlama'' made with local Trabzon cheese melted and mixed with butter and cornstarch. You can try it with cuts of pitta bread.

There are several kinds of bread baked in Trabzon:

  •  Beyaz Ekmek with large round loaves and oblong small ones.

  •  Vakfıkebir Ekmeği is very delicious and long-stay bread baked in wood-fired stone ovens.

  • Harcı Ekmek is made with flour with bran which makes the bread color brown.

A variety kinds of local meats appear in Trabzon Cuisine meals such as mutton to beef, chicken, and partridge made in several recipes.

It is worth trying the food in Trabzon I promise. 


Horon The Traditional Dance in the Black Sea Area 

It is a traditional dance done in a semicircle line by a group of men or women. It needs high-speed and agility dancers. This kind of art is very widespread in the black sea area with a fast shoulder shimmy and trembling of the body, to seem like the Hamsi fish movement when they are swimming in the sea.

When you travel to Trabzon don’t miss the Horon dance Show.

Here we have concluded our article, where we discussed tourism in Trabzon, recommended tourist destinations, and the must-do tourist activities during your trip to Trabzon to ensure an unforgettable vacation.


There are more exciting things to do there book now and live the adventure blend with relaxation in Trabzon.